Boosts collaboration between designers and developers, producing React code faster and more efficiently.
Tempo is an AI design tool specifically designed for any React codebase. This tool aims to streamline collaboration between designers and developers, allowing them to ship to production 10 times faster. Tempo generates and edits high-quality React code directly in the codebase, eliminating the need for manual coding and saving significant time. The tool utilizes AI to build complete views using simple prompts, enabling developers to create high-fidelity UIs instantly. It also offers the flexibility to customize design details visually, reducing the reliance on writing CSS and allowing developers to focus on business logic. Tempo supports the use of existing design systems or the generation of a new one from scratch, making it highly adaptable to various projects. It provides a wide range of components and templates to choose from, aiding users in getting started quickly. Tempo can be integrated with a React codebase easily by logging in with Github and setting up the repository. The tool is currently focused on responsive React web apps but plans to support other frameworks in the future. Tempo is free for individuals and early-stage startups, with paid licenses available for enterprises. Overall, Tempo offers a powerful and efficient solution for designing and building React apps, utilizing AI to enhance development workflows and accelerate delivery.