TeamGrid Project Management Software
TeamGrid Project Management Software
Provides single platform for all task management needs enhancing remote collaboration.
TeamGrid Project Management Software is a comprehensive work management platform designed to help teams stay focused on their goals, projects, and tasks regardless of their location. With features such as task overview, project management, business analytics, CRM, phone connector, and more, TeamGrid offers a range of functionalities to optimize work processes. The software allows users to easily track working hours, manage customer data, initiate calls, record conversation notes, and bill for phone times. In addition, TeamGrid offers rights management to define user roles and restrict access, team discussions for structured information exchange, custom fields for saving important information, and file management with no storage limit. Users can also create individual views for tasks and book project-related expenses. With over 200 employees using TeamGrid for marketing projects and processes, the software serves as a centralized solution for efficient project and process management. Since its establishment in 2015, TeamGrid has been trusted by more than 600 companies worldwide, ranging from small agencies to Fortune 100 companies. The software is fully ISO 27001 certified and hosted in Germany, ensuring the highest standards in data privacy and protection. Customers can start their free 14-day trial to experience all the features of TeamGrid.