Offers an all-in-one virtual sales assistance platform with live coaching, training, and real-time feedback.
TeamflowHQ is a virtual sales floor platform that aims to assist sales development teams in achieving their targets. It provides features such as a virtual bullpen, live coaching, and training sessions, making it perfect for cold call power hours and skill development. With TeamflowHQ, sales managers can bring their team together for outbound power hours, where they can shadow each other's calls, share insights, and celebrate successful deals. The platform also allows real-time visibility and access to the entire remote sales development team, making it easy to see who's online, who's on a call, and who's dialing. Managers can listen to calls live, provide immediate feedback during calls, and debrief reps for their next call. TeamflowHQ integrates with popular dialers like Aircall, Salesloft, and Outreach, enabling users to broadcast live calls, display call status, and receive real-time feedback. The platform's pricing is straightforward, starting at $50 per user per month, and it offers other resources like a power hour demo, white glove onboarding, and a dedicated account manager. TeamflowHQ has received positive feedback from its customers, with a majority stating that it has improved collaboration, relationship-building, and problem-solving within their teams. It is trusted and used by companies like Anycart, Safetywing, and StudioMX.