An all-in-one ETL solution for seamless security data integration and normalization. Allows cost-effective and customizable data management with enterprise level support.
Tarsal is a comprehensive platform that offers an all-in-one ETL solution for security data. With Tarsal, users can easily ingest and normalize their security data from any source, allowing for seamless data movement and integration. The platform provides one-click connectors to various sources and destinations, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Tarsal also offers data normalization, automatically applying normalized fields to all log records for consistent data correlation. Users have the flexibility to choose between different schemas and easily query their data. Additionally, Tarsal allows users to bring their own infrastructure, removing vendor lock-in and providing cost-effective solutions. The platform is designed to handle large data volumes, making it suitable for petabyte-scale data pipelines. Tarsal prioritizes data security, ensuring encrypted data transfer and adhering to industry-leading best practices. The platform also offers enterprise-level support, providing a responsive and knowledgeable support team. With its user-friendly interface and efficient data management capabilities, Tarsal is the go-to solution for security teams looking to streamline their data management processes.