An advertising platform enabling precise targeting on numerous screens in public venues.
Taiv is an advertising platform that offers various services to advertisers and venues. With a reach of over 450+ screens, Taiv enables advertisers to advertise on every TV in sports bars, mixed with premium content such as live sports. The platform allows advertisers to start their first campaign for as little as $300 and scale it to hundreds of millions of monthly impressions. Taiv provides advertisers with the credibility of a national ad while offering surgical targeting to reach a captive audience. They offer services to drive online sales by showing engaging videos that drive traffic to websites, tracking the number of people who viewed the site after being exposed to the ad, and calculating the cost per lead. Taiv also helps increase store traffic by advertising in nearby venues, tracking the number of people who visited the store after seeing the ad, and calculating the customer acquisition cost. Additionally, Taiv helps spread brand awareness and exposes people to brands to lift sales within a targeted demographic. They provide metrics such as the number of people and impressions reached and calculate the CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Taiv's website showcases case studies and features from reputable sources. To learn more about the platform, potential customers can contact Taiv via email or phone. Overall, Taiv offers a comprehensive advertising solution for businesses looking to reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.