Unleashes creativity in fashion design, offering tools for virtual garment creation and customization.
Tailornova is an online 3D fashion design software that allows users to create unlimited designs in a quick and easy manner. With Tailornova, you can design your own clothes virtually using their patent-pending technology. The software includes features such as 3D configurators, education resources, and the ability to explore different design possibilities. It is useful for DIY sewing enthusiasts, fashion students, clothing boutiques, tailors and dressmakers, indie designers, apparel brands, pattern retailers, and specialty apparel manufacturers. Tailornova allows users to design a complete fashion collection in minutes, from sketches to 3D samples to patterns. The software offers instant smart fashion design templates that allow you to create original designs with a single click. It also provides the ability to preview 3D garment samples, flat sketches, and made-to-measure sewing patterns, which can be downloaded, cut, and sewn. Users have praised Tailornova for its ability to provide great patterns, cut down on design development time, and offer affordable and customizable design options. The platform has over 21,000 pattern users and offers a subscription price starting from $29 per month. With Tailornova, you can seamlessly automate on-demand manufacturing through their custom StyleCustomizerâ„¢ app. This allows you to offer bespoke fashion that fits your customers' unique bodies and tastes. The platform seamlessly receives measurements and order details from your website and generates made-to-measure patterns and cut sheets. You can print patterns at home or on a plotter, cut and sew, or import patterns into CAD. Tailornova is praised for its user-friendly platform, prompt customer service, and comprehensive sewing instructions. Overall, Tailornova is a revolutionary fashion design software that provides users with the tools they need to create unique and custom-fit clothing designs effortlessly.