A waitlist management and reservation app with capabilities for customer self check-in via SMS and online booking.
TablesReady is a waitlist management and reservation app designed for restaurants, retail stores, and various other businesses. It provides a range of features to streamline operations and improve customer experience. Customers can join the digital waitlist using multiple methods such as through the website, a kiosk, by sending a text, scanning a QR code, or directly from Google. The app also allows businesses to accept reservations and appointments online with a flexible and no-fee booking system. Customization options include branding the app with the business logo and color palette, as well as adding text in multiple languages. Intelligent guest messaging automations save time by improving wait time estimates and allowing guests to check themselves in via SMS. The app supports real-time page updates, and it is fully embeddable and customizable. With features like customizable notifications, two-way chat, and detailed analytics, TablesReady offers a comprehensive solution for managing waitlists and optimizing operations. Testimonials from satisfied users highlight its ease of use and positive impact on customer service. Customers can start a 14-day free trial with no credit card required to experience the benefits of TablesReady.