Simplifies fleet management with asset tracking, automation, and real-time reports
Switchboard is a cutting-edge fleet management technology solution designed to simplify operations for transportation fleets. As a certified provider under the Canadian ELD Mandate, Switchboard ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. With over 2,000 trusted fleet customers across North America, Switchboard offers a unified platform for asset tracking, IFTA automation, dashcam integration, and more. The user-friendly interface can be easily set up and learned within 10 minutes, saving valuable time on training and troubleshooting. Switchboard also offers 24/7 support in English, Punjabi, and Hindi. The platform empowers fleet managers with real-time reports on driver safety behavior, HOS violations, routing, and other valuable insights. Additional features such as temperature-monitored trailer/asset tracking, weigh station bypass, and integrated dashcam recordings enhance operational efficiency and cost savings. Trusted by customers like Rai Express Lines Ltd., Centurion Trucking Inc., and Richmond Transport Ltd., Switchboard delivers exceptional customer service and support, making it a worthwhile investment for transportation fleets.