Superpowered AI
Superpowered AI
End-to-end knowledge retrieval platform for language model applications. Enables customization with user data, storage and retrieval of old messages, and reduction of hallucinations. Simple to use with affordable pricing.
Superpowered AI is a Knowledge Base as a Service platform that offers a comprehensive solution for LLM (Language Model) applications. It provides an end-to-end knowledge retrieval solution that enables users to retrieve the right information and incorporate it into their LLM prompts, resulting in highly relevant responses. With Superpowered AI, users can customize their LLM applications by utilizing their own data, including private information such as internal company documents. The platform also offers the ability to store and retrieve old messages, giving chatbots long-term memory. Another feature is the capability to reduce hallucinations by providing relevant factual information in prompts. Superpowered AI boasts several advantages, including ease of use with simple API calls, high performance with a multi-stage knowledge retrieval pipeline, optional LLM-generated summaries with citations, and affordable pricing compared to alternatives. With Superpowered AI, users can access a complete end-to-end solution, eliminating the need to build infrastructure from multiple providers. The platform provides example use cases and offers comprehensive documentation to ensure a smooth user experience. Additionally, Superpowered AI provides assistance and support to users through various channels, including email, Discord, and custom solutions.