Enables writers and podcasters to publish and monetize their content directly to their audience.
Substack is a platform that allows independent writers and podcasters to publish their content directly to their audience and get paid through subscriptions. It combines a personal website, blog, and email newsletter or podcast, making it easy for writers and podcasters to create and monetize their content. Substack provides a seamless and integrated system, handling administrative tasks, billing, and technical support, so creators can focus on their best work. With Substack, creators always own their intellectual property, mailing list, and subscriber payments, giving them full editorial control and no gatekeepers. The platform also offers a world-class reading and listening experience, allowing creators to publish to the web, email, and their app simultaneously. Substack makes it easy to start a subscription podcast and even allows creators to upload or record videos directly into a post. Additionally, Substack provides a supportive community for creators and their subscribers, with comments and community threads to foster engagement. Substack has a network of subscribers that can help creators grow their audience, with more than 40% of new free subscriptions and about 20% of paid subscriptions coming from within the network. The platform is free to get started, and if creators choose to turn on paid subscriptions, Substack only takes a 10% cut of revenues for operating costs. Substack also allows creators to easily import and export their archive, email list, and payments information from other platforms. Overall, Substack is a powerful and user-friendly platform that empowers creators to build their media business and connect directly with their audience.