Submit Juice
Offers hassle-free startup launching by manually posting to relevant directories and websites.
Submit Juice is a website that offers a convenient and hassle-free solution for launching a startup. They manually submit new startups to 152+ relevant directories and websites, saving entrepreneurs hours of work and hassle. The service starts at only £99. The process is simple, starting with the submission of the startup through an airtable form. Submit Juice then generates a custom list of the most relevant websites to submit the startup to, including media outlets, subreddits, and startup directories. The team starts manually posting and submitting the startup once the pitch is confirmed, a process that takes around 5-7 days to complete. Tracking submissions is made easy with Submit Juice. They provide a report with a link to a personal Airtable, where customers can track submissions and even add their own. Listing a startup with Submit Juice comes with several benefits. It allows startups to get discovered by qualified customers and early adopters, earn valuable do-follow links from top DA sites to boost SEO efforts, and get noticed by journalists for valuable press coverage. Using Submit Juice also saves entrepreneurs countless hours and hassle when applying on their own. Submit Juice offers different pricing packages. The Basic package gives access to a free list of 152+ directories and includes submission tracking, a submission report, links to live listings, and a done-for-you service, perfect for DIY entrepreneurs. The Classic package includes submission to a curated list of 40 directories and websites, along with the same additional features as the Basic package. It also includes a bonus database of 150+ growth strategies worth $129. The Premium package offers submission to a curated list of 50 directories and websites, along with the same additional features and the bonus growth strategies database. The Classic package is priced at £199, while the Premium package is priced at £299. Submit Juice provides a list of websites where the startup will be posted, including Product Hunt, SaaSHub, BetaList, BetaPage, Hacker News, and various subreddits such as r/Entrepreneur, r/IMadethis, and r/Startups. Customers may have some common questions regarding the service. Submit Juice addresses several of these in their FAQ section, including topics such as Product Hunt submission, coverage guarantee, website selection process, manual submissions, impact on SEO efforts, and listing time. They also provide a contact email for further inquiries. Testimonials from satisfied clients highlight the effectiveness and efficiency of Submit Juice's service. Clients have seen their Domain Rating increase, appreciated the clear insight provided through Airtable, and were pleased with the steady influx of users resulting from the spread-out submissions. In summary, Submit Juice is a valuable service for entrepreneurs looking to launch a startup without the hassle of manually submitting to numerous directories and websites. Their affordable packages save entrepreneurs significant time and effort, while also providing the opportunity to reach qualified customers, boost SEO efforts, and gain press coverage. The process is simple and transparent, and clients can easily track their submissions. With positive testimonials and a wide range of websites to post startups, Submit Juice is a reliable and convenient platform for startup submission.