A CRM platform integrated with Gmail for managing deals, support queues, and tasks.
Streak is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that is seamlessly integrated with Gmail. It offers a simple and collaborative solution for teams to manage their deals, support queues, and more directly within Gmail. With Streak, users can easily add, edit, and collaborate on data, similar to a spreadsheet. The tool allows for filtering, sorting, and grouping of data to quickly identify bottlenecks. Additionally, users can see upcoming tasks across all their pipelines. Streak offers a built-in CRM inside Gmail, allowing users to set up and customize processes for their teams, regardless of the use case or working style. The tool also provides automation features such as capturing data from contacts and emails, task notifications, and reminders. Streak is built directly inside Gmail for both desktop and mobile, with integrations with G Suite applications like Sheets, Chat, and Drive. This allows users to access and gather data quickly. Streak promotes collaboration by automatically sharing emails, notes, and call logs with the team, providing the necessary context. Other features include email tracking, mail merge, scheduled email sending, snippets for frequently written emails, and thread splitter to separate email threads. Streak has received recognition from Google as the Technology Partner of the Year and has been widely adopted by teams across different industries. It boasts 750,000+ happy users and offers web and mobile support, comprehensive integrations, and rigorous security and privacy measures. Streak is free to use and offers a quick and simple setup process. Overall, Streak provides a powerful and efficient solution for managing customer relationships and workflows within Gmail.