Increases team productivity by converting unstructured interactions into data-rich workspaces. Supports real-time, data-backed decisions and optimizes digital transformation.
Stormboard is a data-first collaborative workflow platform that transforms unstructured interactions into data-rich collaborative workspaces. It is built on the innovative concept of structured templates in a data-first workspace, providing a future-oriented solution for business collaboration, planning, problem-solving, and brainstorming. The platform helps organizations accelerate digital transformation and make data-backed decisions in real-time, without any intermediate silos. With Stormboard's digital whiteboard solution, teams can turn their unstructured human interactions into information-rich collaborative workspaces, enabling data-driven decisions and efficient processes. Stormboard offers seamless integration with a wide range of tools, making it a central hub for every project or the perfect partner for favorite platforms. It aims to redefine productive meetings and workspaces by enabling visual collaboration and empowering data-driven companies. By eliminating the need for meetings entirely, Stormboard helps teams save time and increase productivity. The platform also provides enterprise-grade security and compliance, with best-in-class security safeguards trusted by over 10,000 enterprises globally. It offers industry-leading reporting and export options, allowing users to easily export and share their work. Additionally, Stormboard offers true live bi-directional integrations for agile programs, eliminating double entry and reducing effort. With Stormboard, customers have reported a 33% reduction in meeting hours, 45 times efficiency gains, a 55% decrease in planning effort, and a 98% reduction in errors. The platform is trusted by high-performing teams worldwide and is tailored to operationally focused executives, rather than just creative/design audiences. Overall, Stormboard's digital whiteboard and collaboration features aim to elevate team performance and improve day-to-day workload by providing a seamless and efficient workspace.