Starter Story
Offers in-depth case studies and valuable insights into the workings of successful businesses.
Starter Story is a website that provides in-depth case studies and interviews with successful entrepreneurs. With over 4,418 online business case studies, it offers valuable insights into how businesses have started, grown, and are currently being run. The total revenue generated by these case studies exceeds $10,842,423,564. The website boasts 12,568 happy customers who have benefited from the information provided. Each case study covers various aspects such as the idea generation process, finding initial customers, and detailed financial information. The website aims to inspire and motivate individuals by showcasing real stories from real founders who have achieved significant success. In addition to case studies, Starter Story also offers a community for founders to connect and share advice, as well as access to courses, live events, and a database of over 8,628 business ideas. To further support entrepreneurs, the website has negotiated $1 million in software savings with over 240 tools proven to help businesses grow. Starter Story has received praise from well-known figures in the industry, including Sam Parr of My First Million and Rand Fishkin of Moz/SparkToro. Overall, Starter Story is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn from successful entrepreneurs and gain insights on starting and growing a business.