Standard Notes
Standard Notes
Encrypted notes app with advanced security measures allowing synchronization across all devices.
Standard Notes is an end-to-end encrypted notes app that helps users gain control over their digital lives. With advanced security measures and unmatched privacy controls, this app allows users to protect their valuable work with industry-leading encryption. Users can securely store all their confidential notes and files in one place, with seamless access across all devices. Standard Notes offers a wide range of features, including markdown support, rich text documents, budgeting tools, task management, code snippets, password storage, and more. Unlike other note-taking services like Evernote or Google Keep, Standard Notes ensures that only the user has access to their data, protecting it from any unauthorized access or breaches. Additionally, this app provides offline access and automated backups, ensuring that users never lose their data, even if their device is lost or stolen. With a strong focus on privacy and data security, Standard Notes protects users from leaks, fraud, identity theft, and other risks associated with non-encrypted services. As an independent company committed to software sustainability and ethical data practices, Standard Notes provides transparency through open-source code and independent security audits. It has been in service for seven years, generating 100% of its revenue from paying users, and has not received any venture capital funding. Standard Notes is suitable for a wide range of use cases, including writers, legal professionals, journalists, and anyone who values privacy and security. By using this app, users can take back control of their data and protect it from unauthorized access by Big Tech or other non-encrypted services. To support this mission, Standard Notes offers a free version with unlimited notes and unlimited device syncing, while also providing premium plans for additional features. Overall, Standard Notes is a reliable and secure solution for anyone who wants to securely organize, store, and access their notes and files.