A platform that aids teams in making data-driven tech decisions, offering insights on tools, services, and versions being used.
StackShare is a Tech Stack Intelligence platform and community that helps teams make data-driven technology decisions. It provides real-time visibility into all the developer tools, services, and packages being used internally, across all Git repos and down to the version level. StackShare has both a Community and Enterprise offering. The StackShare Community consists of over 1 million developers who share their public stacks, favorite tools, advice, and opinions on thousands of technologies. This allows users to ask for advice, contribute their expertise, and stay current with the latest tech trends. On the other hand, StackShare Enterprise is designed for companies and provides real-time visibility into all the tech stacks in use across their engineering teams. This helps CTOs and technical leaders make smarter decisions and improve governance. StackShare Enterprise allows companies to gain a fully automated 360° view of their technology footprint, standardize technology usage across the organization, consolidate tech stacks to reduce risk, and save time and increase development team speed. Over 1,000 companies are currently using Tech Stack Intelligence to reduce tech debt, improve governance, and ship faster. StackShare also offers integrations with Git repositories and provides a workflow for stack intelligence. Teams can connect all their Git repos, configure approved technologies and applications, add team members, explore automatically generated stack profiles and data, and track tech stack changes in real-time via email or Slack & MS Teams. StackShare is a valuable platform for those looking to optimize their tech stacks, make informed technology decisions, and stay up-to-date with industry trends.