A spatial browser offers seamless and clutter-free browsing using 'cards' instead of tabs.
Stack is a spatial browser designed for mindful online living. With its sleek and harmonious design, it helps users stay focused and aware of the information around them. Instead of tabs, Stack uses cards aligned side by side in a spatial environment, creating an organized and clutter-free browsing experience. The browser also offers a "Fly Mode" for lightning-fast navigation and one-key shortcuts. In addition, Stack has a multiplayer feature that allows users to create and build together, similar to a Figma-like multiplayer environment. The team behind Stack consists of knowledge-curious wanderers who are passionate about making the internet a mindful place. Stack is also listed on WeFunder, allowing users to become shareholders. The browser supports Chrome extensions and offers multiple profiles for different purposes. It also provides a mindful journey without ads and trackers. Stack has received rave reviews from users who find it to be effective, fast, customizable, and great for staying organized and focused. Additionally, it is praised for its multitasking-friendly features and ease of use. While Stack started as a browser, it represents an idea about the internet - mindful, spatial, and multiplayer.