Spotlight Reporting
Spotlight Reporting
An all-in-one platform for financial reporting, forecasting, KPI tracking & benchmarking entity performance.
Spotlight Reporting is an all-in-one platform for financial reporting, forecasting, and KPI tracking. It offers engaging reports with data visualization, highly customizable templates, and group consolidation capabilities for up to 75 entities. The platform also provides powerful forecasting tools, including three-way forecasting, scenario planning, and driver-based analysis. Additionally, Spotlight Reporting offers benchmarking for networks and verticals, allowing users to consolidate and rank the performance of up to 500 entities. The platform includes a visual snapshot dashboard that delivers a high-level overview of the financial position in one insightful page. Spotlight Reporting is used by a wide range of businesses, including enterprise firms, progressive accounting firms, business owners, and CFOs. It is also popular among franchises and not-for-profits for consolidating, visualizing, and benchmarking entity performance across groups. The platform is the preferred choice of the Big 4 and other enterprise accounting firms. It seamlessly integrates with leading financial and analytical systems, allowing users to upload data from popular bookkeeping software such as Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB, Sage 50, Google Analytics, and Excel. Customers experience the benefits of using Spotlight Reporting, with many stating that it has transformed their advisory services and allowed for better business outcomes. The platform's dedicated team provides support and insights to help users take their services to the next level. Overall, Spotlight Reporting offers a comprehensive solution for reporting, forecasting, and consolidation needs, with flexible and visual insights for businesses and accounting firms.