Smash Illustrations
Smash Illustrations
A resource for colourful and trendy illustrations, useful for designing unique web and mobile projects.
Smash Illustrations is a website that offers a wide range of colorful and trendy illustrations for various purposes. With over 250 illustrations available, users can create unique and eye-catching scenes by easily changing and overlapping the elements. The website provides a full preview of all characters and objects, allowing users to design their own characters using the generator and customize them with ready-made elements and styles. Smash Illustrations is perfect for designing web and mobile projects, including sign-in, sign-up, and walkthrough screens. The illustrations can be used for commercial or personal purposes, making them a versatile choice for designers. The website also offers a Pro Access option, which provides access to over 500 illustrations, along with UX/UI tools and free yearly updates. Additionally, there are various other illustration packs available, such as Craftwork, Teammates, RAW, Dance, Superb, Aurora, Oliver, Silky, OSLO, Struct, Stubborn, Smartsharp, and Follow Me illustrations. Smash Illustrations offers a subscription-based pricing model, with the option to unlock all assets in Unlimited Access for $149/year and save over $6,433. The website also offers freebies and other digital resources to enhance the design workflow. Overall, Smash Illustrations is a valuable resource for designers looking to add high-quality and unique illustrations to their projects.