Boosts productivity in Windows 10/11 through auto-arrangement & restoration of windows and tabs.
SmartWindows is a utility website that aims to boost productivity on Windows 10 and 11. It offers features like auto arranging all windows with a single click, organizing desktop display efficiently, and restoring preset display arrangements on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. The website also supports multi-browser, allowing users to restore tabs for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Moreover, it automatically restores Microsoft Office files such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project, Notepad, and WordPad. With multi-monitor support of up to 6 displays, SmartWindows enhances productivity for IT managers, programmers, gamers, teachers, and social media managers. It enables users to create separate work and entertainment profiles, switch between profiles, and efficiently restore each profile and relevant applications with one click. The website features positive testimonials from satisfied customers, highlighting the app's effectiveness in managing multiple projects, dual monitor setups, and saving time. SmartWindows offers a free lifetime plan that includes saving and restoring profiles for one display, as well as a paid plan with unlimited profiles, support for up to 6 displays, multi-browser and tabs support, and MS Office file support. In addition, the website mentions that SmartWindows is developed by FiveRivers Technologies and provides a newsletter signup option for users to stay updated with the latest updates and news.