Cloud-based platform for secure document storage, sharing, and collaboration. It offers various features like email capture, document e-signing, and automated workflows.
SmartVault is an online document management and secure file sharing software that offers an optimized solution for storing, managing, and sharing files in the cloud. With over 30,000 business professionals trusting SmartVault, it has become a popular choice for document storage, management, and secure sharing needs. The software boasts a user base of over two million users who have utilized SmartVault for sharing, exchanging, and collaborating on documents, resulting in over 400 million stored documents. SmartVault offers cloud-based document storage to centralize and standardize business documents, ensuring easy access and collaboration. In addition to secure file sharing, it also provides a branded client portal for clients to collaborate securely with businesses on cloud-based documents. The software offers features like email capture and filing, custom portal pages, bank-level data encryption, document e-signing, streamlined client document collection, automated workflows, and enhanced security. SmartVault caters to various professional services businesses including accounting, financial services, banking, construction, education, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, real estate, retail, and more. With SmartVault, businesses can streamline their document management processes, enhance client collaboration, and ensure compliance and security.