Facilitates centralized and automated ad campaign management across multiple platforms for increased efficiency and results.
Smartly.io is a platform that aims to help businesses achieve more by working smartly. It enables businesses to reach and engage with their customers across 8+ platforms from a single workflow. With Smartly.io, businesses can launch and manage multiple campaigns and ad groups simultaneously, without the need for manual work. The platform provides centralized campaign management, automated campaign workflows, and predictive algorithms to optimize bids and budgets. Smartly.io also offers creative production automation, allowing businesses to create personalized and engaging experiences for their target audience. It provides dynamic image and video templates, as well as creative element-level insights for data-driven iterations. Additionally, Smartly.io helps businesses see their data in a single platform, integrating third-party data to optimize performance and learn what works across platforms. The platform offers dynamic pivot table reporting dashboards, as well as automated ad rotation and fatigue prediction. Smartly.io solves challenges faced by advertisers, such as manual workload, limited creative capabilities, and data discrepancies. It enables brands to be more agile in managing campaigns, provides world-class creative tools for scaling and iterating creative, and connects multiple data points for actionable insights. The platform has been proven to deliver results, with case studies showcasing revenue increases, cost savings, and market share growth. By automating various aspects of advertising and providing comprehensive insights, Smartly.io helps businesses drive profitable growth and achieve their advertising goals.