Consolidates all your apps in one place for efficient workflow. Offers fast search feature, commands, and powerful filters. Enables saving searches and customization.
Slapdash is a powerful tool that brings all of your apps together in one place, allowing you to work at the speed of thought. With the Command Bar, you can search your cloud apps and unlock powerful workflows using commands. The low-latency search feature makes finding anything incredibly fast, and the powerful filters allow you to slice, dice, and visualize your cloud apps as a database. You can save searches to track work-streams or build inboxes, and all your data is encrypted and secure. Slapdash also offers customization options, such as adding your logo and choosing a color theme. It's not just for individuals – teams can also benefit from Slapdash's unified search, shared commands, and team spaces. The platform is free to get started with, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to streamline their workflow.