A comprehensive digital design platform offering collaborative tools, prototyping features, and developer handoff capabilities.
Sketch is an all-in-one platform for digital design that offers a range of collaborative design tools, prototyping capabilities, and developer handoff features. It is a Mac app that allows designers to create, collaborate, prototype, and more. The platform also includes a web app that is accessible on any browser, which allows non-designers to browse, give feedback, inspect designs, and facilitate handoff. Sketch has been in operation since 2010 and prides itself on being a sustainable indie company. With Sketch, designers have access to powerful vector editing tools, easy and intuitive prototyping features, shared libraries, styles, and components, control over color profiles, support for variable and OpenType fonts, and reusable design templates. The platform supports both sRGB and P3 color profiles. Sketch offers workflows that adapt to individual needs, whether working solo or in a team, and provides offline and local file support, storage and synchronization of work, and the ability to share feedback within the app. It also offers powerful organization features such as multi-layer renaming and allows for customizable toolbars and shortcuts. As a native Mac app, Sketch is optimized for Apple Silicon and offers super-fast performance. The web app component of Sketch facilitates seamless collaboration, enabling users to store, sync, and share documents, organize them according to their preferences, add viewers for free, set document and project permissions, and distribute libraries, components, and templates. It also provides tools for testing prototypes in any browser and facilitates developer handoff. Sketch offers an iPhone and iPad app for previewing designs, allowing users to browse their workspace, view documents, mirror designs on their Mac, and preview prototypes from anywhere. For beginners, Sketch provides ready-made templates and self-paced courses to kickstart projects and improve design skills, all available for free. The platform also offers an inspiring blog and newsletter to stay updated on the latest design trends and resources. Sketch is available for free, but also offers premium pricing plans for additional features. Overall, Sketch is a comprehensive design platform that caters to the needs of designers and non-designers alike, offering a range of powerful features, seamless collaboration, and intuitive tools for creating stunning digital designs.