Platform offering APIs for messaging, voice calls, email, and video for customer engagement.
Sinch is a comprehensive platform that offers programmable APIs for SMS messaging, voice calls, email, video, and verification services. With Sinch, businesses can engage in meaningful conversations with their customers at every stage of the customer journey. The platform provides unmatched scalability, deliverability, and cost-effectiveness. Sinch operates on a global scale, offering industry-leading connectivity and true global reach through a secure and reliable tier-1 network. They have over 150,000 customers worldwide, including 8 of the 10 largest tech companies in the world. Sinch boasts impressive engagement numbers, with over 700 billion engagements per year, 600+ direct mobile operator connections, 140 million active phone numbers, and 3.5 billion email address verifications per year. Their Customer Communications Cloud powers all communication needs, offering flexible options for SMS, rich messaging, voice, email, and video. Sinch ensures 100% reach, giving access to every mobile phone on the planet. By leveraging Sinch's services, businesses can significantly enhance their customer engagement, boost revenue, amplify engagement, and maximize ROI and efficiency. Sinch is recognized as a leader in the industry, consistently delivering impressive business results. They provide intuitive developer documentation and tutorials, making it easy for businesses to integrate Sinch's APIs into their projects. Sinch is supported by a team of customer-obsessed experts who are dedicated to helping businesses succeed. They offer support at every step and actively assist in reaching customer goals.