Efficient tool for obtaining electronic signatures quickly and legally, streamlining document workflows.
SignWell (formerly known as Docsketch) is an electronic signature software that helps users get their documents signed 40% faster with zero-setup electronic signatures. With SignWell, users can simplify the document signing process and cut turnaround time in half. The software allows users to collect legally-binding signatures with a few clicks, making it easy for recipients to securely sign documents with a solution that’s compliant with U.S. and international e-signature laws. Signed documents are archived and protected from further changes, ensuring document security. SignWell also offers features such as document workflows, where users can track and prioritize unsigned documents, choose who needs to sign in what order, and keep the process moving with automatic notifications. The software allows users to create custom templates, which can be quickly reused and resent to recipients. Additionally, SignWell provides detailed audit reports to track the history of documents, including time stamps and full visibility into document activity. One of the notable features of SignWell is its easy integration with over 5,000 favorite apps, including Gmail, Dropbox, and Slack. Users can seamlessly keep documents in their workflow without the need to switch between different applications. SignWell boasts responsive customer support, with a customer success team available via email, phone, or Zoom calls. Support is included free of charge in every plan. Testimonials from satisfied users highlight the benefits of SignWell, including its simplicity, affordability, and professional-looking interface. Users appreciate the time-saving aspect of the software, which allows for quick and easy sending of contracts to clients and contractors. SignWell is commended for its ease of use, user-friendly interface, and seamless customer experience. In summary, SignWell is an efficient and user-friendly electronic signature software that allows users to streamline the document signing process, save time, and ensure document security. Its features, including custom templates, audit reports, and easy integration, make it a valuable tool for businesses and individuals looking for a reliable e-signature solution.