Provides a no-code platform to automate business workflows including onboarding, authenticating, and risk management.
Signicat offers Trust Orchestration solutions that allow businesses to orchestrate, build, visualize, and automate various business flows, including risk management, onboarding, authentication, and signing processes. With Signicat's Trust Orchestration offerings, businesses can efficiently and cost-effectively manage their onboarding flows, saving time and money. The platform provides a no-code orchestration platform that allows businesses to manage and optimize all their business flows in one centralized view. The solutions offered by Signicat enable quick implementation of basic and complex workflows, allowing businesses to create automated onboarding processes in a matter of days without writing any code. The platform includes best practice flow templates and the ability to customize workflows based on specific needs. Signicat's Trust Orchestration solutions simplify complex workflows for onboarding, authentication, signing, and risk management. They offer two solutions: RiskFlow Orchestration, which is designed for complex and tailored service flows, and Signicat Mint, which is ideal for end-user web flows. Both solutions provide drag-and-drop functionality and easy visual builders to create trusted digital journeys. Signicat continuously updates their solutions with new functionality and best practices, eliminating the burden of manually defining flows and managing different suppliers or consultants. They also offer expert support to help customers determine the best solution for their industry needs. Overall, Signicat's Trust Orchestration solutions provide a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to streamline and automate critical business processes.