Provides businesses with fraud prevention solutions, allowing them to grow without the risk of fraud. Offers industry-specific solutions and real-time data accuracy.
Sift is a company that provides fraud prevention solutions to businesses, allowing them to innovate and grow without increased risk. Their Digital Trust & Safety Platform offers total transparency into risk operations and helps stop fraud at the source. The platform is built with a single, intuitive console, eliminating the need for disconnected tools and providing complete insights. Sift's patented technology delivers connected data, adaptability, and intelligent automation to every aspect of risk operations. They offer tailored solutions for various industries, resulting in diverse and accurate global machine learning models. The effectiveness of their solutions is evident through statistics such as a 99% new user acceptance rate for fintech, 90% reduction in account takeover fraud for digital goods and services, 77% reduction in chargebacks for marketplaces, 4X reduction in manual review for retail, 98% reduction in overall fraud for on-demand services, and 99% review accuracy for travel and hospitality. Sift's platform allows businesses to customize logic and stay flexible with industry-first features and capabilities. They have a network of one trillion events per year, representing 34K sites and apps, to provide accurate, real-time data for fraud prevention. Sift's customers have praised their ease of implementation and efficiency in blocking fraud. Leading brands across industries rely on Sift's Digital Trust & Safety solutions.