Marketplace for trading side projects such as blogs, apps, and domain names.
SideProjectors is a marketplace where developers can sell and buy interesting side projects. It provides a platform for users to discover and showcase their side projects. The site offers a wide range of project types, including SaaS businesses, e-commerce/dropship stores, blogs, websites/web applications, mobile apps, desktop apps, browser extensions/plugins, domain names, and more. Users can filter projects based on their status (for sale, seeking co-founder, showcase, sold/found) and price range. The site also allows users to search for projects based on target markets and programming languages. Additionally, it provides tools used in each project, giving potential customers valuable information about the technology stack used. Users can submit their projects for sale and connect with interested buyers. Overall, SideProjectors is a valuable platform for developers to monetize their side projects and for buyers to discover interesting projects to acquire.