A tool offering smart retweet automations and a minimalist tweet editor for audience growth support.
Sidebird is a Twitter fanbase builder that offers a solution for users looking to stop chasing Twitter followers and get fans instead. The platform already has 1827 content creators on board, and it aims to help users grow their audience. One of the main features of Sidebird is its minimalist tweet editor, which allows users to save time and clicks with notion-like "/" commands and keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, Sidebird offers smart retweet automations to help users show their content to more people, even when they are busy or sleeping. What sets Sidebird apart from other Twitter tools is that auto-retweets are removed 24 hours after the original tweet is posted to keep users' profiles clean. The platform emphasizes that auto-retweets do not annoy followers, as statistics show that 75% of followers don't even see the tweets due to various factors like different time zones. Sidebird specifically targets content creators who want to leverage Twitter to grow their business. The platform also offers customer support and encourages users to reach out with any feedback or questions via Twitter. Overall, Sidebird is a comprehensive solution for content creators seeking to expand their audience on Twitter.