Shufti Pro
Shufti Pro
Verifies global identities in real time, ensuring KYC/AML compliance, improving onboarding, and preventing fraud.
Shufti Pro is an award-winning global identity verification platform that offers online identity verification, KYC and AML compliance solutions. The platform ensures KYC/AML compliance while also preventing customer drop-offs for businesses worldwide. Shufti Pro verifies identities in real-time, using advanced AI-driven technology and offers a range of services including online identity verification, document verification, KYC services, AML software, and biometric authentication. The platform boasts a high success rate, with an upto 98.44% end-user happiness, upto 98.6% first-go pass rate, and has verified over 20 million identities. Shufti Pro's unique benefits include flawless onboarding, enhanced due diligence, zero integration requirements, and streamlined verification process. The platform has been recognized by industry authorities worldwide, winning several awards such as Best Client Onboarding Solution, Best Digital KYC/Onboarding Application, and Top RegTech Startups. Shufti Pro offers unprecedented identity verification solutions that are highly configurable and cater to various business use cases such as new account opening, customer onboarding, age verification, fraud prevention, and case management. The platform boasts a global trust platform, flexible KYC verification suite, and AML screening suite that includes services such as face verification, ID document verification, address verification, user onboarding, 2-factor authentication, facial biometric authentication, video KYC, Know Your Business (KYB) verification, Know Your Investor (KYI) verification, and AML screening. Shufti Pro also offers on-premises KYC services for enterprises and easy integration with a single API for any platform.