Facilitates the creation of branded, short URLs. Provides valuable insights, automation features, and wide platform compatibility.
Short.io is a white label URL shortener service that allows users to create their own short branded URLs. With a free signup option, Short.io offers analytics, API integration, and compatibility with various platforms such as Chrome, Slack, Zapier, and Segment. The service processes 20 million redirects per day for 400,000 customers worldwide. Short.io aims to provide reliable service to businesses, allowing them to focus on their priorities. Users can track the success of each short link and domain with detailed insights, including OS, location, browser, and top links, as well as real-time clickstream records. Short.io offers multiple custom domains, teams with roles, and various features to simplify workflow and automate manual processes. Additionally, the platform offers friendly support to ensure user success. Short.io has received positive feedback and is relied upon by brands worldwide for their work processes.