Provides booking management solutions for hospitality industries and streamlines operation processes.
Sequoiasoft is a website that offers software solutions and online booking management specialized in the hotel, restaurant, spa, and camping industries. Their goal is to simplify the daily operations of businesses in these industries, allowing them to focus on customer service and retention. Sequoiasoft is the only French software provider that covers the entire customer journey, from online reservations to check-out, including managing accommodations, dining, events, and wellness activities. They have already equipped over 6,000 hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, and spas. With a team of 330 employees, Sequoiasoft continues to evolve their products in response to market trends and customer needs. They operate in 13 countries and have been recognized as a Best Workplace Experience by Speak & Act. The website provides information about their various solutions and services, customer testimonials, and news updates. Customers can request a demo or contact the company for more information. Additionally, the site offers settings to manage cookie preferences.