Ensures reliable delivery of transactional and marketing emails at scale with diverse features.
SendGrid is a leading email delivery platform that enables businesses to send transactional and marketing emails at scale. Trusted by customer-first brands, SendGrid ensures reliable inbox delivery and exceptional email experiences. The platform offers various products and features to meet the diverse needs of businesses. With the Email API, users can integrate their applications seamlessly and trust that their emails will reach the inbox. The Marketing Campaigns feature allows businesses to build meaningful connections through smart email marketing. SendGrid also offers API integrations with partners and major platforms, providing additional convenience and flexibility. The platform's data-driven customer engagement strategy helps future-proof businesses, and its comprehensive suite of deliverability solutions and analytics provides valuable insights into email performance. With Twilio SendGrid's proven email infrastructure, users can dependably send emails at scale, with over 134 billion emails processed every month in 2022. The platform also offers valuable email marketing resources, including guides, reports, and webinars, to help businesses level up their email programs. Whether for startups, enterprises, high-volume senders, marketers, eCommerce, or developers, SendGrid is a versatile and reliable solution for efficient and effective email delivery.