An API and SDK platform for enhancing app engagement through chat, voice, and video features. Supports dynamic conversations, notifications, and customer support desk functionalities. Offers mobile-friendly and secure solutions. Supports various industries.
Sendbird is a complete in-app chat API and SDK platform that aims to boost app engagement through modern chat, voice, and video features. With Sendbird's Chat API and SDK, developers can quickly build custom in-app experiences and launch dynamic, live communications in their own brand. The platform offers messaging APIs for in-app chat, calls, livestreams, notifications, and support desk functionalities. Sendbird emphasizes customer retention by enabling businesses to engage and retain customers with dynamic conversations across various channels. They also offer branded notifications that have a higher conversion rate compared to SMS alone. Additionally, Sendbird provides mobile-friendly support solutions that combine human touch and artificial intelligence, enhancing customer satisfaction. The website showcases several case studies and success stories, demonstrating the effectiveness of Sendbird's solutions. The platform is developer-friendly and offers resources such as a developer portal, tutorials, documentation, and demos. Sendbird prioritizes security and compliance and adheres to leading standards to ensure the encryption of communication and data. Various pricing plans are available, catering to different business needs. Sendbird offers solutions for various industries, including financial services, digital health, marketplaces, on-demand services, retail, and social communities. Overall, Sendbird provides a comprehensive chat API and SDK platform with a focus on app engagement, customer retention, and customer satisfaction.