Useful for avoiding distractions by blocking access to chosen websites for a set time.
SelfControl is a free Mac application that helps users avoid distracting websites and stay focused. Developed by Charlie Stigler, Steve Lambert, and others, it is an open-source application for macOS. With SelfControl, users can block their own access to distracting websites, mail servers, or any other internet content for a set period of time. This can be particularly useful for students or anyone who needs to concentrate and study without interruptions. Once the blocking period is set and the sites are added to the blocklist, the user will be unable to access those sites even if they restart their computer or delete the application. SelfControl is available for download, with version 4.0.2 for Mac OS X 10.10+ and version 3.0.3 for older OS versions. The application has an active community of contributors and is licensed under the GNU GPL. Users can view and contribute to the code on GitHub. The application's privacy policy ensures the protection of user data. Furthermore, SelfControl has an icon created by Joseph Fusco and has been translated into 12 languages by a group of dedicated volunteers. Overall, SelfControl is a valuable tool for Mac users who want to improve their focus, concentration, and productivity by blocking distracting websites.