Combines mind mapping and networked note-taking to visually organize and connect ideas. Offers real-time collaboration and export options.
Scrintal is a web app that combines mind mapping with networked note-taking, allowing users to organize and connect their thoughts in one place. It is often described as a hybrid of Miro and Obsidian. The app is loved by visual thinkers, including writers, researchers, students, startups, and creators. Users can take atomic notes using the Zettelkasten method and expand them with focus mode. They can create bi-directional connections between their thoughts, group familiar notes with tags, and create networked outlines. The app offers an infinite canvas for visually organizing notes and allows users to zoom in and out to see details or the big picture. Users can also collaborate in real-time, export findings and insights into standard formats, and share their work with others. Scrintal has garnered positive feedback from users who praise its visual power to link, organize, and make sense of notes. The app has been described as a giant leap forward in productivity apps and a tool that helps convert abstract ideas into concrete points ready for action. Scrintal offers a free personal account, as well as a Pro plan for USD 5 per month (billed annually) that includes unlimited boards, cards, and file uploads, real-time collaboration, priority support, and 1:1 calls with the team. There is also a Lifetime plan available for a one-time payment of USD 239, which includes lifetime usage of Scrintal, community calls with the team, and free Scrintal merch. The app has an easy import feature for archives and Markdown files, allowing users to migrate their work from other tools. Scrintal provides safe and secure storage, strong encryption, and GDPR compliance. Users can receive support from the Scrintal team and community through Slack, 1-on-1 onboarding calls, and support calls. The app offers card exports in PDF and Markdown formats, and users have a say in product development through the Slack community. Scrintal accepts various payment methods and provides detailed invoices for business expensing. The early access plan is available for a limited time, with the first 5,000 subscribers locking in the pricing forever. The app is set to launch in 2023.