Offers robust features for managing attendance, payroll, and expenses for small to medium businesses.
SalaryBook is a comprehensive staff attendance, salary, and payroll management app designed specifically for small and medium businesses in India. With SalaryBook, businesses can efficiently manage their staff, salary payments, bonuses, and advances. The app allows users to easily mark attendance and automatically calculates salaries based on attendance inputs, considering overtime, late fines, leaves, and half days. It also provides features for expense management, allowing users to add expenses in one place and avoid the hassle of calculating monthly expenses. Additionally, SalaryBook offers a salary feature that provides employees with access to money between paydays, repaid automatically from their paycheck, without any fees or interest. The app also includes tools for hiring and onboarding employees, allowing businesses to post job requirements and send offer letters. SalaryBook has been trusted by many businesses and is the perfect job search portal for blue and grey collar candidates. It provides a user-friendly interface with filters for location, salary, and job type, and sends regular updates and notifications about new job opportunities. Overall, SalaryBook is a valuable tool for Indian businesses, offering a convenient and efficient solution for managing staff, payroll, and expenses.