Safetica NXT
Safetica NXT
A cloud-based service for early detection and response to insider threats. Provides data loss prevention and monitors compliance violations.
Safetica NXT is a cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) insider threat prevention solution. It offers early detection and response to internal threats, helping companies protect their sensitive data against insider risks. The platform is designed to be simple, smart, and secure, with easy deployment and reduced complexity. Safetica NXT utilizes built-in templates and automated settings for data classification, allowing users to discover and classify sensitive data based on predefined templates. It also features incident detection and response capabilities, leveraging smart auto-detection of incidents and risk evaluation for rapid response. The platform is specifically designed to protect intellectual property and sensitive data from leakage or mishandling, as well as detect and mitigate compliance violations. Safetica NXT is a cloud-native solution that runs natively in the secured cloud, eliminating the need for in-house hardware infrastructure. It can be deployed quickly, taking only a matter of hours, and offers a simple and smart solution based on best data loss prevention (DLP) practices. The platform is powered by risk and data analytics, continuously analyzing sensitive data flow and providing holistic risk classification. It allows for scalability and adaptability, with a subscription model that can be upgraded or canceled at any time. The solution provides visibility over sensitive data, offers full audit capabilities, and enables early detection of security incidents. Safetica NXT is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms and includes high-grade protection, secure single sign-on authentication, and support for dynamic and hybrid/remote environments. The platform is part of the ESET Technology Alliance, Microsoft Gold Partner, Fortinet Technology Alliance Program, and strategic partner of Netwrix. Overall, Safetica NXT is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for insider threat prevention, making it a valuable addition to any organization's security portfolio.