Safeguard World International
Safeguard World International
Assists businesses expand internationally with solutions such as recruiting, payroll and legal services.
Safeguard World International is a company that provides comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to expand their operations internationally. With expertise in recruiting, hiring, payroll, analytics, and employee management, they support businesses in over 170 countries. Their services include recruitment services to help find top talent globally, employer of record services to facilitate hiring employees in foreign countries even without a foreign entity, international and local payroll services to handle payroll across multinational workforces, people analytics for real-time visibility of analytics, and HR services, legal entity setup, and outsourced accounting services to help navigate the complexities of international business. They prioritize the security and privacy of personal information and comply with privacy rules. Safeguard World International is trusted by clients globally and has received positive feedback for their time-saving and efficient services.