Aids in automating and streamlining the mobile app release process, improving collaboration and management.
Runway is a release platform for iOS and Android apps that offers a better way to ship mobile apps. It aims to level up collaboration and automation throughout the entire app development process, from kickoff to rollout. The platform is trusted by various mobile teams, including DoorDash, Faire, iFood, WW, ClassPass, Gusto, Wealthsimple, and many more. Runway streamlines the release process, saves engineering time, and simplifies the management of releases. It provides a single control center for the entire release process, allowing teams to ship apps faster and keep everyone on the same page. Runway integrates with various tools and offers end-to-end automation, allowing teams to automate recurring tasks and ensure releases go out on schedule without manual intervention. The platform also provides detailed event timelines and customizable action items to facilitate collaboration and build consensus. Runway offers seamless integration with popular tools such as Jira, Linear, Pivotal Tracker, App Store Connect, Google Play Console, and Slack. It also provides mobile insights, build distribution, and security features. Runway is highly praised by its customers for its ability to streamline the release process, save time, increase transparency, and improve collaboration. Overall, Runway provides a comprehensive solution for mobile release management and offers a better way to ship mobile apps.