Enables efficient addition of decision-making capabilities into automated business processes and audits them.
Rulebricks is a powerful decision-making platform that allows teams to add efficient decision-making capabilities to any automated business process. It helps in managing complex and mission-critical decisions within the existing tools used by businesses, enabling better auditing and improvement of decision-making processes. Rulebricks simplifies decision-making by providing row schedules, local hit policies, and row/group priorities to efficiently model every decision. Additionally, it allows users to generate forms and calculators based on rules, making it easier to collect data from users and display results. With an easy-to-use visual editor, Rulebricks eliminates the need for coding and provides a clear interface for managing the changing rules that drive business. It also allows easy collaboration with teams, providing real-time viewing and collaboration on rules. Rulebricks captures a detailed history of decisions made, including inputs, applied rules, and conditions met, enabling users to understand why decisions were made. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing automation tools and offers developer APIs for custom integration. Rulebricks offers simple integrations with tools like Zapier and Make, enabling smarter and faster business processes without writing any code. Users can deploy their first rule within five minutes, and Rulebricks provides a free trial to get started. Overall, Rulebricks is a user-friendly and comprehensive solution that enhances automation, simplifies decision-making, and drives business efficiency.