Rubber Ducky Labs
Rubber Ducky Labs
Offers operational analytics to debug, analyze and improve recommender systems, accelerating project progress.
Rubber Ducky Labs is a company that specializes in building operational analytics for recommender systems. Their tools are designed to help machine learning teams debug, analyze, and improve recommender systems, resulting in faster project progress and a direct impact on the company's bottom line. By using Rubber Ducky Labs' tools, teams can receive answers to their questions in minutes instead of days, allowing them to pay close attention to their recommender systems and make informed decisions. The company offers specialized visual data exploration tools that help compress the time it takes to receive feedback on early-stage ideas, enabling teams to focus on moving the metrics that matter to their business. Rubber Ducky Labs integrates with recommender systems across various industries and can work with any architecture, including those in e-commerce, marketplaces, streaming media, and video games. The team behind Rubber Ducky Labs is composed of talented individuals with expertise in computer science, software engineering, and ML tooling. The company is seeking partners who share their vision of revolutionizing the development and optimization of recommender systems. They are based in San Francisco, CA and can be contacted via [email protected].