Efficient and user-friendly e-signature app optimised for sales speed, with a mobile-friendly interface and quick contract turnaround.
Roger is a frictionless e-sign app designed specifically for fast sales teams. With Roger, signing contracts becomes easy, fast, and even enjoyable. By using Roger, sales reps can avoid losing deals at the contract stage due to clunky e-sign apps. In fact, Roger boasts a time to signature of just 1 day, compared to the industry average of 7 days. This is because Roger has an impressive signing rate of 80%, while the industry average is only 40%. Trusted by over 100 businesses, Roger offers a free plan that includes 5 signed documents per month, with no credit card required. One of Roger's standout features is its ability to turn complex documents into simple forms and clickwrap agreements. Users can quickly set up standardized agreements from templates, share them, and get them signed in less than 5 minutes. The app is built for clarity, offering concise summaries of documents and avoiding overwhelming walls of text legalese. Additionally, Roger focuses on the key terms of a deal, improving clarity and reducing confusion. Roger is designed with the understanding that a significant portion of agreements are signed on phones. Therefore, the app is optimized for mobile use, making it easy for signers to fill out and complete agreements on their phones. There is no longer a need to send contracts back and forth via email, as Roger allows for easy sharing via SMS or chat. The app offers flexible pricing plans with unlimited users for all plans. Roger has received positive feedback from businesses that have successfully implemented it, such as BrainCheck, Forward Kitchens, and the Nash team, who have all seen significant improvements in customer onboarding rates and deal closing rates. Overall, Roger is a fast, efficient, and user-friendly e-sign app that can transform the way sales teams handle contract signing.