A comprehensive calendar tool that aids in time management, scheduling, and optimizing productivity.
Rise is a next-generation calendar that helps individuals and teams find more time to focus and get things done efficiently. With a smart Scheduling Engine, users can reclaim focus time and effortlessly find time to meet. The calendar allows users to design their perfect week and guard their time with focus blocks that gradually get stricter on others when running out of time. Rise also comes equipped with a smart schedule analyzer that offers one-click improvements based on the latest scientific insights. By linking multiple accounts, users can easily manage work and personal calendars to avoid double bookings. Rise checks availability, preferences, and other signals for all attendees to find the best possible time for meetings. Flexible events allow users to move around select meetings and tasks to optimize their schedule, and auto buffers automatically block off time in between meetings for decompression. The platform also offers various features such as team location tracking, keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation, task management support, and instant time finding with other Rise users. With an intuitive interface and powerful features, Rise is a comprehensive tool to enhance productivity and time management.