A CRM software offering an all-in-one platform for car washes, integrating with POS systems and marketing tools.
Rinsed is a Car Wash Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that offers an all-in-one platform designed to grow and retain car wash memberships. It integrates directly with existing Point of Sale (POS) systems and websites, consolidating customer data, marketing tools, and business metrics into one easy-to-use platform. Trusted by over 1,600 car washes, Rinsed helps increase the bottom line without the need for additional hardware. Some of the benefits include a 30% decrease in credit card declines, a 20% reduction in cancellations, and a 10x increase in online sales. Car washes can retain customers longer and increase customer Lifetime Value (LTV) by using Rinsed's features such as embedding a credit card form on the website for seamless payment updates, sending notifications to customers when their credit card is declined to reduce churn, and offering lower priced memberships to former customers based on their usage. Additionally, Rinsed enables car washes to turn retail customers into members at scale through email and text message marketing campaigns, drip campaigns for lead conversion, and automated abandoned cart emails. The software also allows for easy online membership sales with embedded checkout forms, secure transactions with full PCI compliance, and access to all POS data at the users' fingertips. Rinsed provides unified reporting across all car wash locations and helps manage over 5,000,000 active members. It solves challenges faced by car washes with a lack of data visibility, lengthy checkout forms, inability to send credit card decline notifications, high member churn, and limited member communication. With Rinsed, car wash owners and operators can unlock membership growth and effectively manage their memberships, ultimately increasing revenue.