Assists in enhancing email campaigns, managing domain reputation, and verifying contact details for businesses.
rift is a platform that offers various services to help businesses enhance their email campaigns and improve their domain reputation. With rift, users can warm up and authenticate domains, manage and monitor email infrastructure, and validate contact emails. The platform leverages AI technology to generate real human-readable emails and replies for unlimited email warming, ensuring a positive domain reputation. By verifying contact email addresses before adding them to campaigns, users can minimize email bounces and ensure they are only reaching legitimate business emails. rift also provides the ability to create personalized and automated email campaigns, helping users generate more leads and close more deals. Additionally, the platform is designed to prevent emails from being flagged as suspicious, relieving users of concerns about landing in spam folders. rift also offers sales consulting, easy onboarding, and fast support, with an average response rate of below 10 minutes during US business hours.