A streamlined financial platform offering integrated solutions like banking, expense management, and accounting automation. Ideal for businesses with revenues over $1M.
Rho is a comprehensive business finance platform that offers a suite of fully integrated solutions to streamline financial operations. The platform provides a range of services including banking, corporate cards, accounts payable automation, expense management, treasury management, and accounting integrations. With Rho, businesses can benefit from a single, centralized platform that combines all their finance tools, allowing for easier management and improved efficiency. Notably, Rho offers corporate cards with flexible terms and scalable credit limits, eliminating the need for personal guarantees or credit checks. The platform also provides real-time visibility and control over team spend, customizable rules, and automated approval flows. Additionally, Rho syncs seamlessly with accounting software, automating tasks such as data entry, invoice approvals, payments, and reconciliation, resulting in faster book closings. The platform is accessible to businesses with revenues greater than $1 million or those that have raised equity capital. With its user-friendly interface and dedicated support team, Rho aims to help businesses work smarter, operate faster, and fuel growth.