Efficient platform offering transcription, captioning, and subtitle services for video and audio files.
Rev is a website that provides fast and accurate transcription services for audio and video files. They have the largest marketplace of experienced transcribers, who guarantee 99% accuracy. The pricing for transcription services is $1.50 per minute. In addition to transcription, Rev also offers services such as English closed captions and global translated subtitles, both with 99% accuracy. They are trusted by over 750,000 happy users, including media, education, and legal professionals. Customers have praised Rev for their speed and quality, with one user stating that it only took 17 minutes and $3 for them to get their captions done. Rev's services are particularly helpful for businesses and content creators who want to reach a wider audience and make their content more accessible. For those who have high-volume orders, Rev for Business offers streamlined workflows and savings on orders of 100+ hours. Rev also provides accurate speech-to-text APIs for developers to build powerful voice applications. Additionally, they offer freelancers the opportunity to join their community and get paid to caption, transcribe, or subtitle content on their own terms. Overall, Rev is a reliable and efficient platform for anyone in need of transcription and captioning services.