Allows remote usability testing of mobile device interactions by capturing user behaviour.
Remotion is a motion-based capture and replay platform specifically designed for remote usability testing of mobile device interactions. With Remotion, users can remotely mirror the phone interactions of their participants, providing a richer context sharing experience during usability studies. By capturing the behavior of users visiting websites or applications, along with screen capture, Remotion allows for careful observation of users' intent, posture and grip, attention, emotional state, and habits. The platform offers detailed instructions for setup, including the installation of the mobile client capture software on Android phones and the replay and annotation software on the experimenter's computer. Additionally, Remotion provides optional add-ons such as a pressure pad for capturing grip intensity and placement, and a hardware replay feature using a robotic arm. The platform is being developed by a research team at Brown HCI Group and has received funding from grants by the National Science Foundation and Army Research Office. To stay updated, users can subscribe to receive notifications about future updates. Overall, Remotion offers a comprehensive solution for remote usability testing, empowering researchers and developers with valuable insights into user experiences.